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Uta King
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Here's the problem... people may only be survived by their two children,
but then they'll be survived by their grandchildren, and in some cases
great grandchildren. Generations don't die out at a nice consistent
rate, and as lifespans grow, this problem will continue to be a burden.

Once upon a time, people only lived a good... forty years or so, tops.
Fifteen was a fine age to be babymaking, because much older than that
and ladies were prone to be croaking. It was a good idea to pop out
seven children because of the likelihood that four of them would die.
Humans, as with virtually every other species, are genetically
programmed for reproduction because it was a practical solution to short
life spans. But now people who should be dieing just go on and on and on...

Perhaps callous, but I'm sorry blind deaf mute Alzheimer's 104 year old,
you're way past your expiration date. Coma victim? Without that life
support, you would be an ex-person. And the obese or mentally
incompetent... well, I don't really want to offend anyone. Suffice to
say that the "slow" wildebeest gets eaten. Biologically speaking, these
people are not supposed to be alive.

A less harshly pragmatic solution is transhumanism research. Look it up.
At a ripe old age of sixty five or so, the elder could be downloaded and
converted to data (Matrix?) while their corpse becomes food or some
such. Cannibalism is only morally questionable, but could be
economically viable.

Another solution which some may prefer is the colonization of new
planets. Recently, water supplies on the moon have been established to
be large enough to support a self-sufficient base. With new technologies
come the prospects of Earth-2, an untainted land of milk and honey, or
Earth-Prime, currently desolate but inhabitable. I'm mixing references,
but hopefully you get the idea.

I think I may have gotten away from my original idea. Too many people,
right. If we continue like this the earth may pull a "Children of Men"
on us. Not really a bad thing though, all things considered.

Don't take me too seriously.


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